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MAB favorable report to the incorporation of Robot

Feb. 26, 2018 | Robot


The necessary favorable evaluation report that the MAB Coordination and Incorporations Committee must issue, on compliance with the incorporation requirements of the ROBOT company, has already been sent to the MAB Board of Directors, after its approval, the quotation of the society will already be a reality.

The company's trading code will be "RBT" and its contracting will be done through the "fixing" pricing system. The Board of Directors of the Company has set a The Board of Directors of the Company has set a reference value for each of its shares of 4.15 euros, which implies a total value of the company of 11.8 million euros. euros

"The reference value is 4.15 euros per share and the total value of ROBOT is 11.8 M €"

The ROBOT Information Document is available on the MAB website, where you can find all the related data to the company and its business.