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Multilink, the new ROBOTBAS technology that unifies the most popular automation systems

March 27, 2019 | Robot


On March 21, we had the pleasure of presenting Multilink, the new versatile ROBOTBAS technology compatible with the main automation systems on the market, such as KNX or BACnet.

In the massive event held at the shark aquarium of Palma Aquarium, attended by the main hotel chains, engineering firms, architecture studios and installers of the sector, ROBOTBAS presented the first series of mechanisms with Multilink technology.


What is Multilink for Robot?

The international expansion plan of Robot, SA, which began this past year with the launch of the ROBOTBAS brand, is consolidated with Multilink, allowing the commercialization of its products in new markets, access to new distribution channels, the introduction of digital commerce, and the increase of the product portfolio.