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ROBOT is a company that manufactures systems for the control of buildings. Organized in two divisions (manufacturer and installer) from which the systems offered to its customers are designed and manufactured, installed and maintained.



We are in the moment of multiplying our business, by the opportunity offered by a sector in which they are being carried out, and we foresee that they will continue to make large investments, due to the possibility of our own facilities, capable of producing a larger volume which we have been creating, for the success in our key moments and that have endowed us with our own products and solutions that make us highly independent.


Jaume Simonet, Chief Financial Officer

"Our figures show
our tendency to a constant growth"


As a company, we have our own financial resources for the planned growth during the next years. We have just debuted on the Alternative Stock Market (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil/ MAB), a circumstance that demonstrates the transparency to which, as a listed company, we are obliged.

Our plans are based on an expansion by destinations in which to exploit our specialty and the deployment of our range of solutions and systems for the control of buildings, to date through our own protocol.


(forecast on 31/12/2017)

Own funds 5,3M€
Turnover 4,1M€
Years of activity 35 years
Works carried out over 600