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ROBOT is a company that manufactures systems for the control of buildings. Organized into two divisions (manufacturer and installer) from which they design and manufacture, install and maintain, the systems they offer their clients.

Our systems help our clients to control the consumption of their premises, optimize the production of their resources and plan their management.

Our mission is to facilitate control and minimize the consumption of the installation of the establishment for which we work. Installation that requires an optimal production of resources that hotel guests demand from both the common areas and their rooms.

Our systems work in hotels, hospitals, buildings and public centres, shops, warehouses and industrial buildings... The solutions and systems that we offer today are the result of thirty-six years of experience.


Bernat Bonnin, Chief Executive Officer

"At ROBOT we focus on products and solutions created and developed by our own teams and produced in our own factory"


(forecast on 31/12/2017)

Own funds 5,3M€
Turnover 4,1M€
Years of activity 35 years
Works carried out over 600